Here Are Some Tips for A Great #FirstFridays 9yt Of Kolour Tonight

Here Are Some Tips for A Great #FirstFridays 9yt Of Kolour Tonight

9yt Of Kolour is a collision of Art, Music, and Colour, an unforgettable messy outdoor Gallery experience where you can paint your own take-away masterpiece on canvas or on yourself as Tinashe Makura & Verseless take you on a musical Journey illustrated in kolour which includes a private Gallery Tour plus happy hour all night. Here’s some free great advice on how you can enjoy yourself!

Get your Duku On

Ladies, this one is for you! Remember it’s a messy 9yt, so you might want to protect your hair by tying it up in a funky wrap-up here’s a Pinterest board we made just for you!

Wear something funky… just not too sentimental

Yes, the paint we’ll be using is non-toxic but it will definitely stain clothing (washes off on skin) so don’t be shy to whip out that old t-shirt from your ex or for that brand promo for 3 years ago. Your outfit can be as loud, fun or laid back as you want to be, let’s get kolourful!

Remember the Art

We’re definitely down for a good time but remember we’re in a historical monument that’s an Art piece itself so let’s be mindful of the statues, walls and overall infrastructure that makes the National Gallery of Zimbabwe great. Kolour throwing will be restricted to the Kolour Box in the garden. During the tour remember not to touch the paintings, enjoy them, absorb the beauty that is Art by noting how they (Art Pieces) make you feel, take selfies use the #FirstFridays and #9OK hashtags and enjoy!

Bring that Parachute

Most experiences are best had with an open mind, someone smart once said that, or maybe it’s just us. Anywho, come through ready for a very different 9yt, going with the flow will guarantee you cool vibes. Get your face painted, get messy, listen to some unusual homegrown talent!

Be Safe

Mind your step and enjoy happy hour if you’re calling a cab or have a designated driver

9yt of Kolour begins at 6PM at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, $5 gets you in, see you then!


Stephanie is the Founder of Zimbabwean New Media start-up Enthuse Afrika & the Editor of their biggest project so far #ENTHUSE.

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