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#ThatsSavage A Rich Guy’s Guide To Getting Tha Sex Via Email


A shocker just dropped on our timeline and we are not sure of what to make of it. A Twitter user whose handle is @Khwezibelle posted a screenshot of an email which seems to have been sent by South African based Zimbo businessman and socialite of some sorts.

The lady who has her email address on her Instagram profile received this email along with five other people and the subject line was “Your Time Is Money”. The socialite is famous for his extravagant spending and classy parties with Skolopad inspired outfits, one of which he hosted this weekend on a yacht to celebrate his birthday. Interestingly, the email was sent on the 10th of October we wonder if ‘our guy’ has resorted to emailing Instagram models just to beef up his guest list for 10k!

Check out the tweet and some of the replies below!





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