P-Square Break Up – Peter Vs Paul : Who Can Survive Better Alone?



The Psquare brand is a brand that pulls a huge weight and controls immense respect of which value is almost inestimable. The duo of Peter and Paul Okoye are a big money spinner, but it is worrisome if they can remain so individually.

With their declaration of final disintegration, one can only wonder what will become the fate of each brother on his own.

Since the news of their breakup hit headlines, Nigerians have been curious as to which of the twin brothers has a better chance of survival as a solo artiste. A look at their joint and individual achievements may solve the maths.

Social media followership
Paul Okoye’s Twitter handle, @rudeboypsquare, has 712,000 followers and 1.7million Instagram followers, while Peter Okoye, @peterpsquare, on the other hand has 1.49million Twitter and 3.1million Instagram followers and jointly as @psquareofficial, they have 26,000 followers on Twitter.

Joint Endorsements
Psquare as a brand also has an endorsement deal with premium telecommunications company, Glo Nigeria, which runs into millions of naira, plus a Glo branded Mercedes Benz G-Wagon worth over 25million naira each, making it well over 50million naira as add-ons to the cash endorsement. They also have an endorsement deal with Skol Beer (Congo) which also runs into millions of naira.

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