#RapidReview Tulk Munny- Ft. ‘Party’ Mc Chita , Herb Danger & J.A.Z


Tulk Munny has brought us another meal to feed our hungry ears. Party was produced by Take Fizzo and features verses from MC Chita, Herb Danger & J.A.Z who might we add, come through with the right attitude for the job. J.A.Z who featured on his previous project from the duo Paranoia (remix) gets to show his comfort with the Take Fizzo brand on his verse.

The production gives off a modern feel good Hip Hop feel that makes the listener want to vibe along with few buckets of juice, cocktails, etc whatever you fancy by the lake side(as stated in the song lyrics). The track title is basically self-explanatory although there are a few concerns we have. One has to do with the arrangement of rappers and their ‘mic time’. The hook should have been shorter to accommodate each rapper to deliver a full verse without having to shorten their work(by ‘them’ we are referring to MC Chita) as if they were budgeting time and sound. It seems like Tulk Munny was the only one who had the longer verse.

The art work for the song is relevant and attractive, we won’t forget to mention Herb Danger who did justice with his dancehall/reggae approach making the track more relevant to the streets as well.

Tulk Munny will always satisfy with the punchlines,

“Hande kunoita party ku lake party paDama, kana kunoita party muCar park, party pa Dheni…
Ndakufeela kuda kupisa nyama ndakubva pano kupisa tyre ma chicks aya ndoda ku griller ma thighs, ma beats aya akupisa kunge fires..
muHomwe dzangu ndukunzwa ma wire…”

The Party track might find its way to the club, radio playlists this coming summer to seal off the coming December vibe and we must say Take Fizzo seems to be working non-stop this season dropping world class productions, give that man an award already!


'If you don't agree with my taste, change your taste buds'-Dale Lipha Gondo aka TheGondoVision

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