Mussa Effect Leads A Family Affair On The Roof

Mussa Effect, Mile and Vimbai Zimuto

We had a chat with Afro Fusion artist Mussa Effect who is going to be part of a trio that will rock On The Roof at Travel Plaza tomorrow. This lineup also includes Veryus artist Mile and Netherlands based Vimbai Zimuto, who Mussa Effect says is his aunt. This will be a family affair with soulful voices and beautiful sounds. We just had to talk to Mussa to get the 411 on this event.

1. What’s the concept behind the acoustic night?

We are a family of artists that have been doing music for a while but we have never really worked together and we felt we should get together and have our different fan bases together and treat them to some diversity in music as we also bond as a family.

2. Mile dropped a project just a month ago, is this going to prop up the momentum the album created.

 Well we all love the album and we listen to it ever day, So yes. We have included it in our marketing campaign for the show and we hope people are ready for an acoustic version of the set.

3. How is this concert any different from other acoustic events?

 We have our Aunt and Netherlands based International musician Vimbai Zimuto performing with us, bringing the diversity in music on the night as Mile will bring his Rhythm and Blues and Mussa bringing a more POP effect to the concept. Also, this is going to be Vimbai’s first performance in Zimbabwe this year. Its going to be a really intimate event where everyone has direct access to their artists.

4. What can we expect from Mussa Effect on the night?

 People can expect to see a more emotional and vulnerable side of Mussa Effect.

5. Any surprises?

We like keeping people excited and on their feet so people should expect a couple of surprises. Mussa is also going to be making an exciting official announcement on the night.




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