The Ultimate Party On Wheels Made Its Way on The Other Side of The Border
Chansa Kapapula from Afro Ginger

The Party That Will Settle who has the Better View, Zambia or Zimbabwe !

The Ultimate Party On Wheels Made Its Way on The Other Side of The Border

We’ve got some great news that has a little to do with geography from the Vic Falls Party Bus, the ultimate New Year’s party on wheels. The Vic Falls Party Bus, hosted by Zimbabwean start-up Enthuse Afrika through yours truly (#ENTHUSE)  – expands the Vic Falls Party experience to Zambia this year! Now, before you ask…

“what the heck does this have to do with who has the better view and what about the drinks…?”

Pace yourself, we’re getting there.


The Zambian edition titled ‘The Zed Vic Falls Party Bus’ is hosted by cool-kid Chansa Kapapula, the founder of Zambian New Media brand Afro Ginger. The Zed Vic Falls Party Bus will have similarities to the already existing travelling experience from Harare to Vic Falls. Of course, the Zambian experience will host a party from Lusaka to Vic Falls Town for the much anticipated Vic falls Carnival too. The Zimbabwean experience kicks off on the 28th of December, while the Zambian version kicks off on the 29th.
Cool-kid Chansa said…

We’re really looking forward to light heartedly settling the ancient old debate between Zambia and Zimbabwe on who has the better view of the Victoria falls! We want party people from both sides of the falls to come together and end 2017 in grand style, let’s have a good time and see who can drink who, under the table!

The countries will collide during their scheduled itineraries that include the #ZimVsZed Sunset ‘Booze’ Cruise as well as a combined tour of the Victoria Falls Rainforest. Both tickets are available online via registration with details on the Vic Falls Party Bus Facebook Page. Zed Vic Falls Party Tickets are going at K3500 with benefits such as the ultimate ride to and fro plus B&B Accommodation. This year sees the women led digital media companies Enthuse Afrika and Afro Ginger (Zambia) team up to bring the Vic Falls Party bus franchise to Zambia. The collaborators hope to use this event to not only build inter-country rapport but to also encourage safe and affordable domestic travel.

This year sees the second edition of the Vic Falls Party Bus following its successful pilot in 2016 which received critical acclamation from its participants with the after movie garnering nearly 10,000 views on Facebook alone.

We couldn’t have done it without you guys…

Can we discuss how this year promises to be even bigger and better with the Vic Falls Carnival announcing a stellar line-up of Black Coffee, Mi Casa, Ammara Brown and Rubber Duc. Certainly an experience not to be missed!

So which will it be?

Zim or Zed


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