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The Entry – ‘I Hate Kombis’

"Four passengers on a three passenger seat, the math doesn't add up!"

I’m writing this letter to my fellow Zimbos, the ‘Kombi lifestyle Zimbos‘ to be specific. I hate waking up every morning to get to work but what I hate even more is that wretched omnibus taxi that everyone knows is supposed to carry 15 passengers but somehow we end up being 21 passengers, how? How do we even come up with this bullshit?, some even sit on top of a boiling hot engine space that apparently got the famous name ‘PaKadoma’ or theTV Seat'(In SA).

I have more questions about that names origin, is it because folks from Kadoma can’t afford a normal seat fare?, Why would you name such a hideous seating space after my rural hometown? I feel so offended. The music is too damn loud, they just assume we all love Dancehall I try to block out that annoying music with my personal playlist but every time the music pierces through my cheap ear phones. Basically, it’s a losing battle.

Best believe I’m haven’t started yet. The conductors, or as you all like to call them, hwindi’s, do not even take a bath! Do they even know where to buy some deodorant? Maybe they cannot afford it but their armpits produce a revolting smell and yet they keep raising their arms waving at everyone like they personally know them. I always try to avoid seating close to the door area just so I can peacefully have a breath of fresh air and avoid a spoiled morning.

I swear if there were a professional school dedicated to training hwindi’s the graduation ceremony would be held in a shebeen and there wouldn’t be any need to award any student in official writing just give them each a bottle of that strong cheap stuff that knocks out those brick layers(MaBhiridha) at Mereki braai centre. I need to bring it back to the Kombi set up, four passengers on a three passenger seat, the math doesn’t add up! Every time I tuck myself between three other random strangers no matter their body size I feel like flipping the world upside down but I have to get to work regardless of the terrible discomfort I go through.

All I want is to escape this kombi era, I want a wand so bad, so I just Harry Potter away those kombi’s to a place far far away from me.

Annoyed Citizen

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    28 July 2017 at 20:11
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    Hilarious 😏

    We approve

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