#RapidReview Tulk Munny – Paranoia (Re-Up) ft Take Fizzo, Sinbad, Female Bhuru & J.A.Z


This track is a meal served for all the cypher, punch line loving, supposedly true Hip Hop heads out there. Bars raining, bars over beat vibe (Warning: if you love your trap music too much you might not like this one). The Re-Up for the track Paranoia Track off  Tulk Munny’s Gwanda Rulez album has just dropped and features a good line up of rappers dropping bars everywhere so allow me to rapidly go through this masterpiece.

The first verse comes from J.A.Z, who shows some good story telling. We assume that he was talking to a specific hater talking about him behind his back and hoping for him to fall,

“aya ndoma gwans asina nyaya”.

He is followed by the Zambian based Sinbad who did not live up to his name on this feature.  He is like a kid who boards a 50cent-kombi with 40cents. He’ll make it to the destination only because of the conductors (hwindi) sympathy but the fact that remains, the kid didn’t bring enough.

Female Bhuru(I had to mention her name!) shows prowess amongst the gents she’s our personal fav on this one simply because the delivery, the flow, the punch lines,

I got the pride of a female shumba….
Kuskuru ndogarira ma beats kunge mwana ari paDesk..
I am on my Mai Chisamba, aya ndoma shoko makukutu.”

We had to quote her, a cut above the rest and  in our opinion, she takes the price.

In the fourth verse obvious we get introduced to the track leader, Mr Tulk Munny himself and like an OG he didn’t have to say much or prove much. We already know! As for the hook, it’s catchy and infectious, an anthem worthy for the streets!

The Re-Up is definitely a step upwards from the original Paranoia and the fans have spoken(Twitter to be specific), as the song is receiving a lot of positive responses.


'If you don't agree with my taste, change your taste buds'-Dale Lipha Gondo aka TheGondoVision

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