#TravelReview : A Zimbabwean Bush Adventure

Rock Climbing & Cold Swims at Mbizi Game Lodge

Mbizi Game Lodge is a little piece of Bush-inspired heaven; tucked away between the high-density area of Harare’s Epworth and a little beyond the Harare International Airport. It’s a National Treasure 10km away from tear-gas, vendors, work, money for less the money. Tranquil unless you have a problem with the distant hum of bumble bees and the additional buzz of the unnamed insect. Nature seems to be at such peace here, our then presence felt ever so evasive. With a bunch of friends, we lived in a cottage surrounded by Dassies, Ferrets and Vervet Monkeys who helped us finish off the excessive amount of meat on the self-catered private braai stand.

Our first night was both jovial and panic inducing, transport gone, we were left as we were meant to be since time began, in the wild. The caretaker assured us that there were no carnivorous animals in the vicinity. I still fretted, having grown up in a National Parks area, I really could have done better. No matter, the hot showers soothed me and so did the occasional natural herb. The bonfire grew smaller as the as the night grew colder. We called it a night, we had all weekend for this Bush Adventure.


At dawn, the photographers amateur or otherwise chased the sun by the Ruwa River water front and explored the walking trails. I pulled out a rug and napped amongst dry grass, lady bugs and black ants.

Later we crawled up the creaky wooden stairs that wound upwards on ancient boulders leading to a bowl-ish crater turned swimming pool into which we plunged. Up so high we overlooked the glorious Game Reserve, basking like the many colourful geckos waiting on sunset.


The sun woke us up this time, it chased us all throughout our final afternoon. As we packed half heartedly for our departure, the river bank called us for one-more-braai. We trekked once more, 1 km, cooler boxes, defrosted meat and stale rolls in tow.

We lived to braai again by the River’s lush green beaches. Pop-relevant music blared on the portable sound box.  Families and tourists were sprinkled in corners of the lawn. Before we could burp from our drunken gluttony, the cavalry was here; ready to take us back to the reality that is Harare. We drove away from our bush haven and towards the reddening sun.

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