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National Gallery of Zimbabwe To Host A Family Fun Day


The National Gallery of Zimbabwe continues its 60th Anniversary Celebration by hosting a Fun Day with regards to the institution’s Education and Public Programming. The Fun Day shall take place at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe on Friday the 14th of July 2017.  The Gallery released a press statement which outlined its objective and the expected activities to be carried out at the Fun Day.

As part of the Gallery’s Corporate Social Responsibility avocations, centres for disadvantaged children have been invited to the Gallery to participate in the Fun Day wherein amusements for the young shall be facilitated.  The reason for this activity has been based solely on giving back to the disadvantaged community. There will be a series of activities aligned to bring Cultural Awareness and Creative Expression. The event shall commence with Visual Exercises as children receive pamphlets to stimulate their observational skills based on the artworks around them. These exercises will take place as the learners are given guided tours around the exhibition spaces. Currently, the Familiar Histories and Ndafunga Dande exhibitions are on the show,” reads the Press Statement.

A Drawing and painting session is to be held as well as a Culture Box Workshop (consisting of objects which were used in pre-colonial Zimbabwe) shall be conducted. The Culture Box is multicultural, containing articles from all over Zimbabwe.

The released press statement also reveals that there shall be a performance by the St Giles and St Catherine’s bands which will shift away from the Visual Art to the Performing Art facet; showcasing the vibrant talent within this community. This shall play out as participants enjoy face painting, competitions and presentation of gifts from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

The Gallery has previously held Outreach Programmes with some of the participants, which discovered the talents of young artists at the Autism Organisation of Zimbabwe, St Giles Care Centre, Jairos Jiri and St Catherine. Works from these centres have been included in past Tavatose/ Sisonke Schools’ Annual Exhibitions with impressive works submitted. This session will focus on the participants’ creating work for their own enjoyment.All these activities are focused on the Gallery’s policy on giving back to the community.

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