#RapidReview: Te3vo & Trae Yung Drop Obvious!


This hip-hop track speaks for those that work hard but doesn’t get enough credit for their efforts. This is a relevant tune that touches on the social issue of not acknowledging each other grind due to either envy or hate (Is there really a difference between the two though?)

Te3vo the artist behind the song MaFacts featuring the “Loxion Obama”, Cal_vin which made its rotation on the charts has brought us another one, Obvious ft Trae Yung. Produced by Dante and Bry3Sixty this hip-hop joint is one for the hip-hop and club playlists and the lyrical delivery has been packaged perfectly.

Hazvisi easy, Hazvisi  easy… Not Obvious…”
They both narrate to us about how long they have been around in the industry and they might be letting the listeners know they are ready to claim the credit that’s due to them. Trae Yung adds the cherry to top off the cake on this one and this could definitely be a come back from her somewhat ‘off the radar moves’ she has been giving us lately. And some folks might be asking, “Trae Yung is still rapping”?

Well, this feature might very well answer your questions!

Te3vo proves he is a force to be reckoned with by the flow consistency and heavy bars dropped on us.With his back and fourth visits to Ghana, he might be picking up the right ingredients to cooking up a storm for African Hip-hop. The song is good enough for radio but as we all know this industry is unpredictable so don’t take my word for it, The only downside I have to express towards this song is that it ends too soon and we need more guess we have to watch the space for more fire emoji worth projects from him.

Here’s the link below to stream it, enjoy!



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