Pic: Goodluck

#GigGuide 23 June 2017



Star FM is celebrating five years in business and boy are they planning a mega-party at Glamis Arena in Harare. They have secured the services of high flying Jamaican chanter Antony B. The event happening tonight, will feature a bevy of stars like Winky D, Soul ‘Zvinhu’ Jah Love and many more. An event not to be missed!


Soko Matemai Anniversary

Award-winning rapper Sharky  is hosting an anniversary celebration for his debut album, Soko Matemai, which has been dubbed as a ‘classic’ by his fans. Supporting him are uBu, Dexterbaysiq, Clessy and many more. Saturday settings confirmed!


Feel The Music Festival: Goodluck

Exciting electro South African electro trio who danced their way into 2017 in Zimbabwe at #JVFC2016, are coming back to Zimbabwe. This time they will be at Jamtree for a night full ectric vibes. Swing through to check out Goodluck who will be supported by local stars who include talented DJ Rob Macson, Fungai Nengare and many more. One not to miss!






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