#MCM Chef Takura, Well Seasoned Talent!
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#MCM Chef Takura, Well Seasoned Talent!

Chef Takura Makadzange is the definition of talent, leading the innovative Forest Hills Resort and Kitchen which happens to be one of our beautiful homes during The Vumba Getaway this April. We managed to catch the food guru in between his busy schedule and here’s what we dug into.

Takura, tell us about yourself…

Ok, My full name is Takura Makadzange. I am a Sommelier which is a wine steward in a fine dining restaurant or hotel. I used to put wine lists together and do the wine service at fine dining restaurants. Before that I was a Barista which means I was making high end coffee while studying wine and spirits and doing my double degree in Economics and Marketing.

Give us insight of your journey as a Chef, How did it all start?

I began my Chef journey when I got back from Australia. When I worked under the head chef here at Forest Hills. When he tragically passed away I took over the kitchen here and went on to buy my own restaurant in Harare where I was Head Chef/Owner. I continued until that business had to close and I then moved back to Bvumba (Vumba) where I now mainly work as the Managing Director of the family hotel, Forest Hills Resort.

What inspired you to choose that career path?

I started at University really as a way to earn some extra money. That’s where the passion for the industry started and I just worked as many jobs as I could learning as much as I could where possible.

What are your top 5 favourite dishes?

I doubt I have 5 favourites because there is a lot that I like to cook. I like Italian cuisine a lot but have really been getting into my Southeast Asian food of late! I am a food nerd who loves knowing a little more about a dish’s history etc. In addition, I have been fortunate enough to travel and try some of these foods abroad. I think that has made my transition easier.

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