Could Reverb7 Be Zimbabwe’s Black Coffee?

Whenever Reverb7 drops a song, it is always worth an ear because he seldom disappoints. With no doubt, he is a Zimbabwean clone of the South African hit maker Black Coffee. This time around, Reverb7 and Tina Masawi teamed up once again to bring a banging Afro House track titled ‘Sthandwa Sami’. The song was produced by Showtime Records Africa and was written by label mates Tina Masawi and Fungai Nengare.

This track is a testimony of productive collaboration. With the songbird Tina’s resonating voice how could it not be a hit. Her beautiful voice, clean vocals and Reverb’s well timed instrumentals made it a playlist regular. Our only regret is that the song is too short!

No worries, according to the Duo “Sthandwa Sami, is one in a long list of hits that Reverb7 and Tina have worked on, including “One Chance”, “Fallen love” and “Close to you”. Judging from his work like “Heavy Machine” by Brian K and Jam Signals “Overrated”, Reverb7 clearly has no plan off keeping us off our toes or feet. Please quote us as we repeat, REVERB 7  is Black Coffee in Zimbabwean flesh, we said it first.

Get your copy of ‘S’thandwa Sami’ iTunes, Spotify and sample it below from Soundcloud.


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